Child Delivery Muhurat

    Consultancy Fee

    Child Delivery Muhurat :  INR 11,000/-

    Child Delivery Muhurat

    Deliveries can either be normal or a cesarean. While there is nothing much a parent can do choose when to go for normal delivery, the cesarean delivery gives an opportunity for them to choose a date and time that is auspicious.

    There are times when clients come to an astrologer when there is no auspicious date or time available. However, on other occasions, clients come when there is an availability of lots of auspicious time. It is worth remembering here that planetary positions are usually fixed for certain weeks/months. In a way, these positions are a true reflection that a lot of things that happen in this life are a result of the past karmas.

    When you contact Acharya Dalip Kumar with child delivery Muhurat consultation services, you can expect him to check all 12 ascendants for all days. This includes checking moon sign, planetary combinations in Rashi and navamsha, navamsha positions, dasha patterns, etc. It is only when all these factors are checked; an auspicious date for a cesarean delivery can be given. As not all days available in a month are auspicious, it is important that enough caution is exercised in finding days and times that have positive aspects associated with them. An experienced and expert Vedic astrologer like Acharya Dalip Kumar can help you in this regard.

    Child Delivery Muhurat predictions from Navyug Jyotish are as authentic and reliable as they come. Acharya Dalip Kumar is a Gold Medalist and his predictions based on the inputs given by you are accurate. Above all, one this is guaranteed when you contact Acharya with your details – peace of mind.

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