Palm reading

    Consultancy Fee

    Palm Reading : INR 3,100/-

    Palm Reading

    It is not just your personality, but your potential pitfalls, your weakness, your hidden talents, and your qualities can be easily read by having a look at a detailed map that is in your hands. When you get someone with a proven ability to read this detailed map, you can be coached into finding a suitable way to reach happiness and success. At Navyug Jyotish, Acharya Dalip Kumar, a Gold Medalist in Vedic Astrology himself, will guide you in understanding palmistry with effortless ease. His guidance and suggestions will help you understand yourself better!

    Our palm reading services can be used by you to better your career choices, discover more opportunities for your children, improve relationships, recover from depression, and many more. Now, isn’t this service worth your time and effort?

    The biggest advantage of opting for Navyug Jyotish’s palmistry services is that you’ll get the snapshot of your personality almost instantly. This service can be provided anytime. The results of palm reading can be used for charting progress for habit/attitude reforming or mental healing.

    It is easy getting palm reading services from Acharya Dalip Kumar, a Gold Medalist in Vedic Astrology. His predictions are always spot on and above all, gives you peace of mind at all times.

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